Ainslie Urban Farm specialises in growing seasonal microgreens for local restaurants in

Canberra. Our microgreens are grown in re-useable plastic trays in seed raising mix made in

Yass and simply watered. No additional nutrients are added. Thus, they are soil grown not


Microgreens are nutrient dense as the tiny shoots that you eat contain all the nutrients that were packaged in the seed in addition to nutrients manufactured by the plant and absorbed from the soil. Our fresh and versatile greens are particularly juicy and flavoursome, making them great in salads and brunch dishes, whilst their colour and quality lend themselves beautifully to fine dining, adding colour, flavour, and flair. 

Fiona delivers on Fridays or by arrangement and collects the trays to wash them for re use.

Customers find that our microgreens stay fresh for at least a week. We can recommend

optimum storage solutions for you so that you get the most out of our greens. Options are endless - some clients have even been known to plant the base of their shoots to grow full sized sunflowers!

Trays are generous at 14cm x 33cm, priced at $20 each. 

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